Vlada Roslyakova by Pierluigi Maco for Vogue China January 2007

And now I’m done.


What a woods witch would wear, Ann Demeulemeester


What the Kindly man would wear in Braavos, Damir Doma


What a Braavosi noble would wear, Maria Cvetkovic by Nino Yap

Oh, Suvi.  You were doing so well.  ”Imagine if Nazgul were young urbanites.  They’re going to go to a dimly lit coffee house and meet the Witch King’s new girlfriend and she’s, like, this Morticia Addams-meets-the-Underworld lady with five feet of snow white hair.  That’s what I want to offer these people.”


Demeulemeester, I presume.

Suvi wanted to try something outside her usual palette of soft colors, frothy princess gowns, and historically inspired pieces.  She sat and watched the people who only come out after dark on the Isle and made things for them.  She’s going to put some of these together for a fall/Halloween collection.