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Feeling the need to write some purple prose.  Anyone want to throw a drabble prompt at me?


"The Swan Maiden" by Erin Lux


Swan of Tuonelaby MartaNael


Wedding Dress


The Indianapolis Museum of Art

Since the original story of Suvi staying on the Isle until her aunt’s wedding is no longer viable, I will tell you what happened.

The dress below is the dress Suvi made her aunt for her wedding (which will be on the first of June, so she’s already asked for the time off and all that jazz).  Suvi was planning on going to get her Master’s after that, but since getting her internship/apprenticeship with Edan, that plan seemed a little redundant.  Also, her aunt was planning on moving to the Isle with her new husband, which means that the cottage where Suvi lives would no longer be available.  However, neither Suvi nor her aunt knew about the “humans must stay forever” rule until Suvi’d been living here for a while.  Since her aunt’s husband is human (and well aware of the supernatural), they immediately nixed the idea.  Suvi’s going to eventually buy the cottage, and her aunt does plan to visit, but they’ve worked things out to everyone’s satisfaction.


Wedding Dress

Emanuel David, 1979

The Victoria & Albert Museum


Nava Monde


Costume designed by Alessandro Lai for Dara Nicolodi in Rosa e Cornelia (2000)

From Tirelli Costumi

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