Evanna Lynch at the Wizarding World’s Diagon Alley, 18.06.2014

Evanna Lynch + selfies


Especial Elenco de Harry Potter    -    Eventos Ligado a HP   - Evanna Lynch - 2014 - A Celebration of Harry Potter 4


Especial Elenco de Harry Potter    -    Eventos Ligado a HP   - Evanna Lynch - 2014 - The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley - June 19 - Press Conference

((Somewhere behind the fourth wall, Jackie is smiling with amusement.  Cian may say he dislikes the Courts for all those reasons, and she believes him and is inclined to agree with him, but she notes that he left out that he’s a cat, and no one is going to tell a cat what to do.))

fhfhffh o Suvi. “Oh that’s Quinn. 8V Yeah. He likes those kinds of clothes. He’s good people.”

"I wonder if he’d mind if I asked him questions.  Especially about buttons.  I’ve gotten my hands on some great period garments but not enough of them to know if the stitch I’m using to attach the buttons is historically accurate for the late 19th century or not."

And then there’s some disconcertingly intense frowning while she taps her thimble on the worktable and spaces out thinking about buttons.


Sasha Pivovarova at Chanel, Spring/Summer 2011

Suvi is glad you like the clothes, Quinn!  I can just imagine it.  

“‘Kenize, ‘Kenize!  Your… brother - the scowly one with the glasses - he bought jackets and he smiled when I said they were historical patterns!  He knows how to tie a cravat correctly, ‘Kenize.  That’s, like, three people I know who know how to tie a cravat properly now other than me.”


Costume designed by Maurizio Millenotti for Valeria Golino in Immortal Beloved (1994)

From Tirelli Costumi